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The goal of the OpenATM Project at is to make Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Lessons available to everyone around the world.

In ATM classes, students are guided through a sequence of gentle movements. By moving slowly and paying attention, the nervous system discovers new possibilities and lets go of less functional habits or patterns. This results in more efficient movement, a feeling of lightness, reduction in aches and pains, and an increased sense of self-awareness.

The ATM lessons have been downloaded in countries as diverse as Australia, Austria, Brazil, Egypt, Hungary, Germany, India, and the United States. Please click on the Recordings link to view the available ATM lessons.

The Open ATM Project is proud to offer ATM classes online. Download (right click) the ATM lessons to your computer or iPod (or other mp3 player) and do the lessons whenever you want.

Many of these lessons are reinterpretations of (inspiried by and loosley based on) ATM Lessons taught by Moshe Feldenkrais at the Alexander Yanai, Esalan, San Fransisco and Amherst trainings, or other workshops. These rich and diverse set of lessons are available from the International Feldenkrais Federation or Feldenkrais Resources. These audio lessons are not reproductions of the original lessons. For the online lessons, the sources - for example the original Alexander Yanai lesson titles - are retained for scholarship purposes and to properly acknowledge the ideas and structure of the original lessons.

If you would like to participate in the Open ATM project or have feedback, please email me at [email protected]

If you are new to Awareness Through Movement Lessons, a list of suggested ATMs can be found here

Contributions (click on the contributors below to view the ATM lessons)

Olena Nitefor :

Sharon Starika: 1998 ATMs (16 Lessons):

I've had these lessons on audio tape for a long time. Recently, a user did an excellent job of converting the first batch of lessons to mp3 files, and now they are available to everyone. A few of the lessons are cut off at the end due to the 47 min length limitation of old cassette tapes. To comment upon or discuss these lessons plese see the Discussion entry on this ATM series.

Jan 22 - 2010: Note 4 new lessons have been added (feb 24, mar 3, 10, 17)

Feb 20, 2010: 4 new ATM were added (may 19 - sept 29, 1998).

Date Title Source Time
- Runner's Series #1: Improving Power Center - 46:27 Download
- Runner's Series #2: Supple Hips and Spine - 46:41 Download
02/24/1998 Arms Inside Out and Overhead - 35:06 Download
03/03/1998 Bringing Self to Sitting - 46:53 Download
03/10/1998 Elbow Circles Holding the Chin - 47:16 Download
03/17/1998 Caressing the Leg - 43:57 Download
04/07/1998 Pelvic Clock with Use of the Eyes - 44:40 Download
04/14/1998 Rolling to Sit with Arms - 45:35 Download
04/21/1998 Orienting Head and Neck Through Spine - 40:06 Download
04/28/1998 Diagonal Folding - 46:55 Download
05/05/1998 Candle Holding - 46:45 Download
05/12/1998 Gliding Shoulder Blades - 46:53 Download
05/19/1998 Bending Elbows Over Knees - 46:53 Download
05/26/1998 Side-bending in Sitting - 46:53 Download
07/17/1998 Bird Wind R Arm - 46:53 Download
09/29/1998 Catching Flies - 46:53 Download

Sharon Starika: The 2004 ATM Season (30 Lessons):

Date Title Source Time File Size
01/20/2004 Continuation of Holding the Knee AY#270 55:09 13mb Download
02/03/2004 Length and Fists AY#347 50:14 11mb Download
02/10/2004 Twisting the Pelvis w/ Long Arm AY#240 53:42 12mb Download
02/17/2004 Bending Fingers Backward, Part 1, AY#181 54:01 12mb Download
02/24/2004 Arms and Knee on diagonal AY#348 52:23 12mb Download
03/02/2004 Lowering Pelvis to Sitting AY#109 51:48 12mb Download
03/16/2004 Bending Fingers Backward, Part 2 AY#182 42:22 9.7mb Download
03/23/2004 Hands Behind AY#220 52:07 12mb Download
03/30/2004 Rolling from the back to side-sitting AY#223 59:04 13mb Download
04/13/2004 Straightening Knees While Leaning of Forearms AY#198 48:19 11mb Download
04/20/2004 Preparation for a Bridge, AY#438 46:02 10mb Download
04/27/2004 Preparation for a Bridge, Continued AY#439 55:36 13mb Download
05/04/2004 Heels Under Pelvis AY#190 57:39 13mb Download
05/11/2004 Heels Under Pelvis 2,Weight between big and second toes AY#192 55:44 13mb Download
05/18/2004 Heels Under Pelvis 3, Lifting Knees, AY#193 53:23 12mb Download
05/25/2004 Heels Under Pelvis 4, AY#194 56:41 13mb Download
06/01/2004 Heels Under Pelvis 5 (Japanese Sitting), AY#195 57:56 13mb Download
06/08/2004 Heels Under Pelvis 6 (Rolling up to Sit), AY#196 54:41 12mb Download
06/15/2004 Heels Under Pelvis 7, AY#197 54:01 12mb Download
09/14/2004 Legs Crossed and Expanding Chest and Abdomen, AY#28 50:35 12mb Download
09/21/2004 Sliding Along the Length of the Leg, AY#37 48:47 11mb Download
10/12/2004 Lengthening the Leg into Pulling Movements While Rolling AY#67 50:30 12mb Download
10/19/2004 Pulling the Toes With the Knees Crossed, AY#412 47:04 11mb Download
10/26/2004 Ankle on the knee to sitting, AY#442 48:38 11mb Download
11/02/2004 From lying on the back with lower leg on the other side to sitting with crossed legs, AY#92 52:17 12mb Download
11/09/2004 Sitting Indian Fashion, AY#4 51:09 12mb Download
11/16/2004 Lengthening the Arms sitting cross-legged, AY#90, 52:50 12mb Download
11/23/2004 Zen Sitting, AY#98 55:10 13mb Download
11/30/2004 Training to sit without leaning on the floor, AY#310 50:42 12mb Download
12/07/2004 Pecking Movements AY#129 49:40 11mb Download

Sharon Starika : The 2003 ATM Season: (27 Lessons)

Date Title Source Time File Size
01/21/03 Circles with arms above head AY#62 50:52 12mb Download
01/28/03 Head & pelvis fixed, standing on knees AY#51 52:18 12mb Download
02/04/03 Circles with hands in sitting AY#80 51:23 12mb Download
02/11/03 Foot and movements in space AY#304 46:45 11mb Download
02/18/03 Heels and feet in circles AY#245 56:51 13mb Download
02/25/03 On the cheek AY#25 55:23 13mb Download
03/04/03 Arm circles (none) 49:11 11mb Download
03/11/03 Breathing rhythmically 1 AY#180 47:19 11mb Download
03/18/03 Preparation for a clock AY#19 53:32 12mb Download
04/01/03 A Clock in front of the face AY#82 48:49 11mb Download
04/08/03 A Clock AY#84 55:18 13mb Download
04/15/03 Turning the nose in a circle AY#95 48:53 11mb Download
04/22/03 Differentiation of the eyes head and back while twisting AY#54 54:57 13mb Download
04/29/03 Bending while sitting and shoulder movements AY#152 53:41 12mb Download
05/06/03 Interweaving the back with the help of the hands AY#285 52:23 12mb Download
05/13/03 Rolling to sit with the use of the elbows AY#3 51:07 12mb Download
05/20/03 Bending the elbows over the knees AY#20 55:00 13mb Download
05/27/03 Bringing the knees to the face in an arc AY#231 56:01 13mb Download
06/03/03 Crossing knees twisting the back and pelvis AY#140 51:32 12mb Download
09/16/03 Preparation for a clock AY#19 45:47 10mb Download
09/23/03 Making the spine more flexible AY#177 43:23 10mb Download
09/30/03 Knees crossed and sliding feet sideways AY#265 51:39 12mb Download
10/07/03 Crossing knees and coordinated eye movements AY#266 55:31 13mb Download
10/14/03 Balance with the knees crossed AY#250 43:27 10mb Download
11/04/03 Rocking the back with help of the legs AY#74 44:56 10mb Download
11/18/03 Lengthening the arms AY#178 46:43 11mb Download
12/02/03 Praying (none) 44:33 10mb Download

Sharon Starika: 2003 Runner's Workshop ATM's: (6 Lessons)

Title Source Time File Size
Elbows and knees touching AY#27 34:43 5.4mb Download
Touching floor with hands AY#51 37:07 8.5mb Download
Lifting back with knees AY#80 21:02 4.8mb Download
Rotational use of arms (none) 37:53 8.7mb Download
Freeing the hip joints (none) 46:48 11mb Download
Spiraling legs up from stomach (none) 40:11 9.2mb Download

Sharon Starika: 2004 Workshop on Sitting (2 Lessons) :

Title Source Time File Size
Lengthening Spine in Sitting M. Reese 49:28 11mb Download
On Chair - Differentiated Turning AY#455 40:03 9.2mb Download

Tracy Godek: 2005 Lessons at Stage 7 Dance (26 Lessons):

Date Title Source Time File Size
01/24/2005 Holding the Chin and Rolling -- 68:51 16mb Download
01/31/2005 Cicling the Arm Around Yourself -- 70:16 16mb Download
02/14/2005 Scarecrow Arms -- 59:25 14mb Download
02/21/2005 Four-point support: spiraling to sitting -- 55:48 13mb Download
02/28/2005 Sitting and Lengthening the Arms AY#322 65:19 15mb Download
03/07/2005 Four Point Rolling -- 55:11 13mb Download
03/14/2005 Pushing through Bridging Hand and Rolling -- 61:33 14mb Download
03/21/2005 Extension 1: Translating the Head -- 69:57 16mb Download
03/28/2005 Extension 2: On belly holding the foot -- 71:17 16mb Download
04/11/2005 Extensors and Length -- 61:31 14mb Download
04/18/2005 Lifting Head on Diagonal AY#170 61:19 14mb Download
04/25/2005 Thorax and Back -- 61:15 14mb Download
05/02/2005 Working the Extensors -- 63:20 14mb Download
05/09/2005 Getting Your Back Back -- 66:17 16mb Download
06/06/2005 Spine as a Chain -- 60:18 14mb Download
06/13/2005 On Belly, Freeing the Neck -- 63:16 15mb Download
07/11/2005 Releasing the Hips by Holding the Feet AY#302 65:52 15mb Download
07/18/2005 Knees Right and Left While Making Hips Flexible AY#309 69:48 15mb Download
08/01/2005 Lifting the Feet AY#324 59:04 13mb Download
08/08/2005 Flexible Knees -- 64:53 15mb Download
08/22/2005 Skewering the Spine -- 61:23 14mb Download
08/29/2005 The Shoulder Behind the Back AY#323 64:12 14mb Download
09/12/2005 Four Point Rolling, Revisited -- 61:11 14mb Download
09/26/2005 Differentiation of the Shoulder Girdle -- 58:02 14mb Download
10/17/2005 Translating Pelvis on Elbows and Knees -- 59:03 14mb Download
11/7/2005 Holding the Neck While Rolling -- 65:58 16mb Download

Falk Feddersen Ph.D. (23 Lessons):

Date Title Source Time
02/13/2010 Differentiation in turning - arm, head, and leg AY#399 50:44 Download Share on
03/08/2010 (variations on) Twisting and opposing gently AY#434 55:20 Download Share on
03/15/2010 (variations on) Getting to Know the Hip Joints AY#241 49:45 Download Share on
03/22/2010 (variations on) Lifting Pelvis on Standing Feet AY#43 50:12 Download Share on
03/29/2010 (variations on) Breathing Rhythmically #7 (inspired by Julie Peck) AY#191 50:16 Download Share on
04/05/2010 (variations on) Painting with Soles of the Feet AY#111 59:22 Download Share on
04/12/2010 Opening the Shoulders, Part 1 FW & AY#99 62:27 Download Share on
04/19/2010 Opening the Shoulders, Part 2 Gaby Y & AY#125 73:19 Download Share on
04/26/2010 Opening the Shoulders, Part 3 Gaby Y & AY#125 58:02 Download Share on
05/03/2010 Ease in the Jaw many 54:38 Download Share on
05/10/2010 Getting to Know the Hip Joints 2 Amherst 1980 63:20 Download Share on
05/17/2010 Paradoxical Breathing in Many Positions (variations on Stomach and Chest First) AY#23 53:18 Download Share on
05/31/2010 Lengthening the Back in Sitting (variations upon) AY#288 57:30 Download Share on
09/27/2010 Turning in Side-Sitting (aka the "Dead Bird") many 64:36 Download Discuss
10/04/2010 The Pelvic Clock: An Introduction
Note: the audio quality is pretty poor and the lesson may be difficult to follow.
many 57:41 Download Discuss
12/09/2010 Covering The Eyes AY#10 47:07 Download Discuss
Paddling Workshop Lesson 1: Introduction to Flexion
Paddling requires a supple spine and rib cage. This lesson teaches an aspect of this.
(many) 35:53 Download
Paddling Workshop Lesson 2: Rolling the Fists
Paddling also requires mobility in the shoulder joint. This lesson helps one discover this but the secret is that it is not all in the shoulder joint.
(many) 36:14 Download
Paddling Workshop Lesson 3: Tying the Arms
Paddling requires mobility of the shoulder blade...
AY#391 51:13 Download
05/07/2011 Working with the Dominant Hand AY#124 51:13 Download Discuss
07/19/2011 Intro to Opening Hip Joints towards Half-Lotus Position
based loosely on AY Lesson "Ankle On Knee and Bending"
AY#389 54:12 Download Discuss
08/25/2011 On the Right Ischium
Making Left Side Long Sitting on the Right Buttock
AY#508 41:09 Download Discuss
11/28/2011 Toward Ardha Padmasana (half-lotus)
ATM Class taught at Four Seasons Yoga Studio intended for Yogis
AY#249 58:27 Download

Liz Sisco (15 Lessons):

Date Title Source Time
04/19/2010 Improving Hopping for Beginners AY#298 53:45 Download Share on
04/24/2010 Baby Rolls with Flexion SF 55:16 Download Share on
05/29/2010 Spine Like a Chain -- 60:29 Download Share on
06/12/2010 Rolling the Fists, Introduction -- 54:37 Download Share on
06/26/2010 Hand to Heel - Variations A. Zones 60:46 Download Share on
09/11/2010 Buttocks AY#13 71:10 Download Discuss
09/25/2010 Fingers in the Armpit AY#253 61:00 Download Discuss
10/9/2010 Clarifying the Movements of the Leg 60:17 Download Discuss
10/23/2010 Edges of the Feet AY#433 61:57 Download Discuss
12/04/2010 Reaching and Dropping Gaby Yaron, Int. Spine 60:24 Download Discuss
12/18/2010 Jelly Pudding Pelvis MF SF evening classes V1 45:53 Download Discuss
2/5/2011 Chair Lesson Heggie Healthy Back 56:55 Download Discuss
2/26/2011 Bridge 1. Esalan 53:28 Download Discuss
Oct 2013 Tanden with Holding the Knee AY#179 60:21 Download --
Oct 2013 Rolling to Sit on the Elbow AY#3 56:38 Download --

Aurovici Sercomanens D.O.: Lessons in French / Lessons en Francais (9 Lessons):

Aurovici Sercomanens D.O. is an Osteopath as well as a Feldenkrais practitioner who trained in Paris with Myriam Pfeffer. He practices in Auroville in south India. These lessons were recorded in Auroville where he teaches ATM. As he is bilingual he also teaches ATM in French. Both his French and (soon) English ATM lessons are available here. Aurovici's website is Aurovici Sercomanens D.O. est ostéopathe et praticien Feldenkrais (formé à Paris avec Myriam Pfeffer). Il exerce à Auroville dans le sud de l'Inde. Ces lessons ont été enregistré à Auroville où il dispense ses lessons ATM. Comme il est bilingue il dispense aussi ses lessons ATM en Anglais. Ses lessons en Français (et bientôt celles en Anglais) sont disponibles ici. Le site internet d'Aurovici est
Title Based Upon Download
Bending from supine (elbows to knees)
Flexion depuis la position allongée (coudes aux genoux),
Chava Shelhav Download
Hand in the barrel of honey
La main dans le baril de miel
Paris 11 training Download
Knees to side lesson
Genoux vers le côté
Bruce Holmes Download
Lifting the head from prone
Lever la tête en position allongée
Chava Shelhav Download
Preparation for a clock
Préparation au saut de carpe
AY#19 Download
Preparation for the Carp Jump
L'horloge des épaules et du pelvis
Paris 11 training Download
Shoulder and Pelvis clock
Paris 11 training Download
Swift eyes smart body (dead bird twisting lesson)
Yeux rapides, corps malin (lesson de torsion)
Moshe Feldenkrais Download
The Puzzle lesson 1
La lesson du puzzle 1
Alan Questel Download

Jim Stephen's Hamstring Lessons (1 File):

These ATM lessons are the lessons that were developed for and used in the research study on Hamstring Lengthening that was published in Physical Therapy (the journal of the American Physical Therapy Association) in the December issue in 2006. A copy of this paper cannot be posted on this website as it is copyrighted by the APTA. If you would like an electronic copy by email or if you have any questions about the lessons or the study, please address them to:

Jim Stephens PhD, PT, CFP
Movement Learning and Rehab
Havertown, PA 19083
[email protected]

John Quinn - Bell Hand Lesson :

John Quinn is a GCFP (1999). This lesson was recorded at the 2006 Feldenrkais Guild of North America Conference held in Omega New York and is a personal interpretation of Moshe's "Bell Hand" lesson originally presented at the 1981 Quest Workshop in San Fransisco. For More information on John Quinn please see John's web site

San Diego Feldenkrais Study Group Lessons

Lessons at the San Diego Feldenkrais Center :

These lessons are from the study group of the Feldenkrais Training Program directed by Elizabeth Beringer that graduated in spring 2010.

Date Title Source Time
03/08/2009 Differentiating Eyes and Head: On back and in Sitting
Falk Feddersen teaches
(combination) 47:16 Download
August 2009 Bird Wing Right Arm - Variation
Falk Feddersen teaches
(combination) 39:59 Download

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